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Dimphy De Vaan has always been surrounded by art. Her parents were both painters, and they’d often visit galleries and museums in the Netherlands, where she grew up.

In her formative years she painted primarily with oils, but over the years has taken to experimenting with many techniques and mediums.

Creativity for her is not a choice, but a compulsion. She has even started teaching in recent years, to be able to share the joys of creative outlets.

So, what is Potential Unlimited?

In a nutshell, at Potential Unlimited…

  • We like to make a difference
  • We give you the experience to discover your own potential
  • We supply you with art to enjoy
  • We are based in Taranaki, New Zealand
  • We create original art & give workshops

What type of Art?

  • 3D sculptures for indoors and outdoors, to buy or to make yourself at workshops
  • Original Watercolours, Oil and Acrylic Paintings
  • Other Arts and Crafts

Attending the workshop means…

  • Spending time with families, friends or like-minded people
  • Creating things alongside others to gain inspiration
  • Connecting with your inner creative side
  • Having a helping hand with your creation
  • Going home with a finished weatherproof sculpture

I love encouraging people to more creative and have fun, be proud of what they do and enjoy life.